Thank you Kelsi G for calling me out on facebook haha. ok so I’m totally sucking at this right now. I’ve been totally strict dieting this week, it’s just been crazy with midterms, basketball ending, working in the hospital, and trying to fit WODs in.

As of tomorrow I am a FREE WOMAN! No more basketball for me. I’ve played for the last SIXTEEN YEARS of my life. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been fun, but it’s time to move on. It’s like having a boyfriend you want to break up with but you’re waiting for him to break up with you so you don’t have to do the dirty work. I can’t wait to be what I like to call a “pure” crossfitter. Double days, strict nutrition, and that one picture I’m going to post on facebook with a rippling six pack so all the people who think I can’t do it can pick their jaws off the ground and suck on all 6 of these! yea mofo!

Yes KG, I’ll keep updating more regularly. CONGRATS ON GETTING ACCEPTED INTO DU NURSING PROGRAM! woop!

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Slacker Status

Totally slacking on updating this… Yesterday I had my last home basketball game ever, got about 3.5 hours of sleep then worked a 12.5 hour shift at the hospital. Got home today to do laundry and another 12 hour shift tomorrow.  Legs are dead. Oh well. 7 days from right this second I’ll no longer be a college athlete, and I’ll be 100% pure crossfitter=100% step closer to my goals (basketball is a way of paying for school, crossfit is a way of keeping me sane). 7am-7pm shifts are terrible on the brain and the legs. That is all. Back on food journaling/xfit Monday.

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Rest Day. Quads are en freakin fuego from yesterday. Watching “I Used To Be Fat.” Thinking of doing some situps.

Breakfast – 2 eggs, broccoli, yellow squash

Snack- banana

In class/not prepared to listen to lecture after my test – Apple, Builder’s Bar

Lunch- Soup with chicken, veggies, tomatoes, spices

Snack – Carrots, celery, turkey slices with mustard

Dinner – Chicken apple sausage, grilled onions with evoo, some raisins

Snack- 1 container of yogurt

Dessert – A large helping of Pauly D and Vinny 🙂

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food 2-23-11

Breakfast – on the go, in class. Orange, coffee with soy milk.

Post-WOD- 30 g protein and amino acids

Lunch – Couldn’t stomach solid food for the next 4 hours after that wod so I had a coffee/milk protein bottled shake from Whole Paychecks. It had 31g protein, some fat, milk…

Snack – Half chicken breast, celery

Dinner/Pre-practice- Turkey slices with mustard, apple, a few pecans

After practice/snack- Half chicken breast, a slice of turkey with mustard, half banana, a few pecans.

I need to eat more fat. Tomorrow.


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Sometimes I wonder if I ever use my common sense

Today I thought it would be a good idea to do Kelly with a 20# weight vest on. The “fuck this’s” and “I hate fucking my life’s” came around, hmmm, the first round.

Feb 23, 2011 – WOD – Kelly

5 Rounds

400 m run

30 box jumps 20″

30 wall balls 14#

33:37 rx with 20# weight vest

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Motivation. Nuff Said.

Lindsey Smith aka Badass aka I want your body (in the most heterosexual way)

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Because I’m going to tell everyone to suck on all 6 of these!

So I decided to join this new “Strong is the New Skinny Challenge” with one of my fierce, fit, and fabulous bffs Kelsi!  She is actually good at staying strict with nutrition, but I tend to lack in that area, so I’ll be posting my food and WODs in hopes/forcing myself to stay on track.  In the end, I just want to be a badass.  And once I have the Heather Bergeron six pack of my dreams, whenever someone says anything to me, my comeback will always be, “suck on all 6 of these!”  Here are my goals:

1. WOD shirtless May 16, 2011

2. Paleo + 1-2 servings of dairy a day (calcium makes me nervous)

3. Get HSPUs RX

4. Be able to do butterflies unbroken in a WOD

5. Stay strict paleo!!!!

6. Be one of the hot, sport bra wearing girls walking around the Games this July

Here it goes! 3, 2, 1…..

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